The Energy Services Alliance of Manitoba (ESAM) organizes missions for its members to conferences and trade shows, to specific international markets, and, in conjunction with government officials, participates with official outgoing and incoming trade missions.  ESAM coordinates its members to profile members’ and the industry’s strong capabilities for bringing the latest technology and best practices to the development of energy projects around the world.

ESAM’s missions have included a combined presence at key global energy conferences such as IEEE, and the African Energy Forum. ESAM has brought its expertise to multilateral development banks through missions to the World Bank, and participation in the World Bank Energy Forums. ESAM members have presented initiatives and best practices directly to World Bank staff in topics such as Benefit Sharing of Utility Development with Indigenous Communities. ESAM members have contributed to conferences and events with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and Asian Development Bank.

ESAM members have had direct missions and presented training seminars to Africa and Latin America where they have established a presence to facilitate energy sector development in those regions.

If you would like ESAM and its members to visit you in your home country, or if you would like to include ESAM in your visit to Canada, please contact us.