LEC Management Contract

Client: Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
Location/Country: Liberia
Duration: 60 Months
Value: $8.19 Million

Manitoba Hydro International with MCW/AGE Power Consultants support was contracted to act as the system operator for LEC to undertake the following six tasks:

  • Engineering, procurement and construction works to optimally expand the number of customers
  • Improve operating, commercial, and customer services, as well as financial performance
  • Introduce sustainable modern methods of corporate management and IT support of operational, commercial, financial, procurement, and human resource management to improve efficiencies and internal controls
  • Build the capacity of staff to be able to sustain the operational performance achieved at the end of the term
  • Ensure smooth operation, reliability centered maintenance, required replacements and other asset management to sustain high performance to the end of its usable life

• Cooperating with LEC and the Donors to facilitate the installation and operation of additional generation capacity