Bellevue Wind Project

Client: North Star (St. Kitts) Ltd.
Location/Country: St. Kitts
Duration: 24 Months
Value: $25 Million

The objective of this project is to connect three, 1.8MW of wind power-generators to the St. Kitts electrical utility grid. MHI is currently subcontracted by Mas Energy as the General Contractor to provide EPCM services which includes all civil design for the project (turbine footings, crane pads, road design, etc), communications, and all electrical components related to the interconnection of the wind power to the existing grid.

To date, MHI has completed the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • System impact study
  • Geographical study
  • Topographical study
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Civil design specifications

MHI is continuing to work on project-resource allocation.