Atlantic Wind Connection Project

Client: Atlantic Grid Development (funded by Google, Marubeni, Good Energies and Elia)
Location/Country: Eastern US Seaboard
Duration: 120 Months
Value: $5 Billion

The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) Project is a proposed sub-sea high voltage direct current (HVDC) backbone transmission system extending from northern New Jersey to southern Virginia. The purpose of the Project is threefold: to serve as an efficient collector of ac power from offshore wind farms; to relieve transmission congestion on the eastern ac grid; and to improve regional system reliability. The AWC system will facilitate the connection of up to 7,000 MW of offshore wind generation along the eastern seaboard of the United States, enabling the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia and the regional transmission organization, PJM, to meet their renewable portfolio standard (RPS) goals. The project is being developed in phases by Atlantic Grid Development, LLC, which consists of principles from DC Interconnect, Inc., Dewey LeBoeuf, and Trans-Elect. The project is being sponsored by Google, Marubeni Corporation, Good Energies, and Elia.