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About Us

Worldwide Integrated Rating Enhancement (W.I.R.E.) Services is a division of Manitoba Hydro International, a subsidiary of Canada’s fourth largest utility. W.I.R.E. Services began operations in 2001, using the experience and expertise developed in applying LiDAR data to transmission line analysis and upgrade engineering solutions. W.I.R.E. Services was the first utility-based company to combine LiDAR surveys with utility applications and provide 3rd party electric utilities with a “full service” solution package for their transmission line needs. W.I.R.E. Services knowledge and experience in using LiDAR technology, coupled with extensive utility experience in transmission line design enables W.I.R.E. Services to provide meaningful information on utility transmission assets.

Through its professional and highly experienced employees, W.I.R.E. Services is a “one-stop shop” for thermal rating analysis, upgrade engineering, danger tree/vegetation assessments, new route surveys, design engineering, and other environmental applications.

Meeting the Needs of Utilities

Electric utilities all over the world are faced with the same challenge of optimizing their transmission line resources to maximize capacity and satisfy the ever growing demand for power. Prior to taking on such challenging upgrade projects, utilities require up-to-date information on their transmission line infrastructure.

W.I.R.E. Services matches its clients’ needs and LiDAR providers’ competencies to supply the best quality products from the most advanced LiDAR technologies, to provide clients with an accurate “as-built” model of their transmission line. This model provides the basis upon which detailed engineering analysis can be performed to provide optimized solutions.


W.I.R.E. Services has the utility experience to confidently provide the following services:

LiDAR Data Support

  • Develop technical specifications
  • Digital orthorectified imagery
  • Digital streaming forward video
  • Tower/Structure imagery
  • Meteorological data specifications

T/L As-Built Modelling

  • Creation of a 3-D “As Built” survey model
  • Conductor and structure alignment included
  • Digital orthorectified strip mosaic
  • Simulation analysis of varying load cases

Thermal Rating Analysis

  • Analyzed by experienced utility engineers
  • Models in TLPRO™, PLSCADD™ software
  • Verify “actual” thermal operating temperatures
  • Identify high temperature clearance violations
  • Graph sag & tension properties of every span
  • Prepare “As-Built” plan & profile drawings
  • Reporting of operational constraints
  • Recommend available upgrade opportunities

Upgrade Engineering

  • Cost effective upgrades
  • Evaluation of varied upgrade solution techniques
  • Wire sag & tension and structure analysis
  • Upgraded plan & profile drawings
  • Prepare upgrade material estimates

Transmission Line Engineering

  • Conceptual transmission planning/ routing
  • Detail structure, insulation and hardware design
  • Develop PLS-CADD modelling
  • Line layout & design studies
  • Construction ready design packages
  • Production of all drawing requirements

Danger Tree & Vegetation Management

  • Verification of NERC compliance
  • Height of vegetation in ROW
  • Proximity calculation of vegetation to wires
  • Danger tree analysis
  • ROW clearing management
  • Growth rate modelling

W.I.R.E. Services seeks to help utilities maximize their potential by providing cost effective and reliable solutions by understanding our clients and their needs. More information about our engineering services can be found online or available upon request.

W.I.R.E. Services’ looks forward to working with you!


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