Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.
Date Established: 1985
Representative: Shawna C. Pachal, B.Sc., C.R.S.P., M.B.A.   Wesley Mueller

Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. (MHI) assists clients to deliver electricity and natural gas efficiently, effectively, and in a sustainable manner. Utilizing the support and resources of its parent utility, MHI offers real solutions and true value to clients around the world. For over 30 years, MHI has delivered energy services to clients in over 75 countries. MHI is dedicated to creating lasting relationships and collaborating closely with clients to suit their specific needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

MHI has a long and positive history in Canada, the United States, and various countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. As a subsidiary of a government-owned, Canadian energy utility, MHI offers clients over a century’s worth of best practice experience. MHI provides the same quality of service and proven methods that have been mastered in one of North America’s most efficient and best-managed energy utilities. For all projects, MHI assembles a highly experienced team of international utility experts.

MHI’s parent company, Manitoba Hydro, is a vertically integrated, government-owned Canadian Provincial Crown Corporation. The corporation holds in-service assets in excess of $19.8 billion, and generates over $2 billion in annual revenue. Manitoba Hydro is a major energy utility that is intimately involved in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of electricity and gas infrastructure.

Since 1985, MHI has successfully delivered Manitoba Hydro’s expertise to electric utilities, governments, and donor agencies around the world, in the form of consulting, training, and management services.


Utility Management

  • World-renowned reputation for effective utility management and operations.
  • Successfully completed a multitude of comprehensive overseas management services contracts.
  • Projects encompass generation, transmission, distribution, and commercial operations for clients around the world.

Consulting and Advisory

  • Incorporate actual operating experience into consulting and advisory services.
  • Competent and first-class partner in the delivery of reliable consulting and advisory services, in all aspects of electricity and natural gas delivery and use.

Training and Capacity Building

  • Customized programs may be provided onsite, within Manitoba Hydro’s state of the art training facilities, or through MHI’s online learning centre, MHI Academy.
  • Training programs are based on extensive technical and commercial expertise in all aspects of utility operations.

Engineering & Construction Management

  • Extensive expertise in all aspects of electric and gas utility system engineering and construction management.
  • Services include the oversight and management of engineering, procurement, and construction for all aspects of utility operations.


Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. first formed in 1985. In 2009, the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre, W.I.R.E. Services, and Manitoba Hydro Telecom were amalgamated with Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. Manitoba Hydro International Maintenance Services joined the company in 2011. Combining these service offerings allows MHI to offer customers a seamless combination of expanded capabilities.

MHI provides products and services to strengthen Manitoba businesses and the provincial economy. MHI’s global work enhances the reputations of the company, Manitoba Hydro, the province, and the country, by delivering benefits locally and contributing to a better quality of life internationally.


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