Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
Date Established: 1981
Representative: Dharshana Muthumuni, Ph.D., P.Eng.

The Manitoba HVDC Research Centre (MHRC) provides a comprehensive array of engineering services including AC and HVDC planning and feasibility studies, equipment specifications, operations and commissioning consulting services, as well as, training and research services for power systems. Contrary to our name, the services we provide are for much more than just HVDC and include: load flow and fault analysis, detailed electro-magnetic transient studies and custom models (emt), transient stability studies, black start studies, modeling and assessment of FACTS based solutions, sub synchronous resonance investigation, wind farm integration studies, harmonic analysis, and risk/reliability analysis, equipment specifications, operations and commissioning consulting services, and much more.

About Us

Founded in 1981, the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre is a division of Manitoba Hydro International Ltd., a subsidiary of Canada’s fourth largest utility, Manitoba Hydro. MHRC develops and markets an array of products and engineering services worldwide including the renowned power system simulation software PSCAD® (PSCAD®/EMTDC™).

PSCAD®, commercially available since 1993, embodies years of continuous research and development from 1988 to the present. Now with 30,000 licenses being used at over 1120 sites in 73 countries – PSCAD performs Electromagnetic Transient simulation studies and its solution accuracy, the ease of use and the competent technical support that is provided to users, has made it the most widely used professional tool of this nature.

Our Team & Tools

The success of the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre is based on our highly experienced team of multi-disciplined power systems and simulations specialists. Our unique teams’ intimate familiarity with developing and using analytic power system tools including PSCAD proves to be an advantage in resolving the complex problems now facing power systems and is a key tool used in many of the studies provided.

Our analysis tool kit includes a wide range of leading commercial software packages for power flow and stability studies. Though PSCAD is central to some of our work, we also have a number of additional specialized in-house software and hardware tools. More information about the tools we use and our experience is available upon request.

Laboratory & Testing Services

Laboratory services are available for power quality measurement, and transient testing for protective relays and HVDC controls. A real time playback system and power amplifiers are utilized to generate the testing waveforms. Any complex transient signals or harmonically distorted waveforms simulated in PSCAD can be easily and seamlessly used in the testing. As well, we have developed a 12 kW, variable voltage and frequency supply to further enhance our laboratory testing capability.

Ability to Perform – Engineering Service Experience

The Centre has undertaken a variety of engineering service projects in the past in several countries around the world. A detailed listing of past projects is available upon request.

The Manitoba HVDC Research Centre has become a world leader in the technology of electric power system simulation, applied power systems analysis, and related technologies.

We look forward to working with you.


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