John Osler

John Osler

InterGroup Consultants Ltd.

Role: Director, 2014-Present

John Osler is President/CEO and Senior Consultant of InterGroup Consultants. For the last 25 years, John has worked in the natural resource and energy development sectors as a socio-economic and engagement specialist and in the utility sector as an energy economist. His experience includes leading multi-disciplinary project teams, designing and implementing socio-economic research and assessment programs with stakeholders, including Indigenous communities, and detailed utility economic modelling and analysis. John has designed, developed and led numerous effective engagement processes, many that involved stakeholders with a broad spectrum of perspectives and concerns.

John has been a member of ESAM since its inception and currently sits on the Board of Directors. He is excited about ESAM’s focus on the development and use of sustainable sources of energy around the world and assisting clients in developing solutions to meet their energy needs.

John was part of a group of utility experts who designed and delivered a seminar in Santiago, Chile on High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology and the context of transmission for renewable energy projects. Participants included individuals working in the utility industry, government representatives responsible for energy policy and planning, regulators, independent power producers, consultants, manufacturers, and academics. John presented and facilitated discussion on how HVDC technologies have relevance in regional planning particularly with renewable energy projects, how this opportunity might be assessed within the Chilean energy planning context, and what considerations (including interests of local civil society organizations) can be accommodated in the planning and development process.

He holds an MBA (Marketing/Finance), BA Economics (Hons).
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