Andrew L. Isaacs, P.Eng. M.Sc. (EE)

Electranix Corporation

Andrew is a vice-president at Electranix, and has been with ESAM since its inception.  He has served as a power systems consultant for transmission utilities, ISOs, and private generation companies across Canada and internationally. His experience is primarily international, including engineering study team leadership and business development with a focus on renewable integration (weak systems, SSCI, and interconnection), SSR, specification and support for FACTS, EMT modeling and analysis, conventional planning studies, formal training services, and expert witness support.

Andrew obtained his M.Sc.(EE) from University of Manitoba, Canada and is past-chair of the Winnipeg Chapter of the IEEE Power & Energy Society. He is an active member of Cigre Subcommittee B4, and Chair of the IEEE HVDC and FACTS subcommittee. He is a registered Professional Engineer, and has been with Electranix since 2003.