About ESAM

ESAM is a partnership between private sector Manitoba companies dedicated to the development and use of sustainable sources of energy around the world. ESAM members empower the world with Canadian expertise.

Why should you consider working with ESAM members? The answer is simple – strength.

Strength in Numbers

With 16 member firms that have collectively provided services and products on thousands of projects both domestically and internationally, we are able to draw from a large pool of world leading expertise.

Strength in Diversity

With its broad base of membership, ESAM members are able to provide a wide range of experience and capabilities and can put together unsurpassed expertise for a wide range of projects and provide services and products to a variety of different clients including utilities, manufacturers, government agencies, developers as well as financers, each with unique needs and perspectives.

Strength in Experience

ESAM members possess decades of experience in working internationally, experience in collaborating, and experience in working on leading edge and challenging projects.

Contact ESAM today to find out how our strength will work to your advantage.