Teshmont Consultants LP

Date Established: 1966
Representative: Ralph Kurth P. Eng, PMP
Contact: information@teshmont.com


Teshmont Consultants LP is a Canadian consulting company specializing in providing engineering services for HVDC and EHVAC power transmission systems.

Teshmont was founded in 1966, when Templeton, Shawinigan, and Montreal Engineering pooled their HVDC expertise. Over the past 50 years, we have grown to become a world leader in high voltage power transmission engineering. Backed by a highly skilled staff of engineers and technologists, we provide a wide range of services, from performing feasibility and planning studies, to complete project design and implementation support.

We have provided engineering services on some of the world’s largest high voltage transmission systems, and have served more than 300 clients in over 40 countries around the world.

Teshmont has over 50 years of experience in the study, design, construction supervision and commissioning of power transmission systems.

We have provided services for projects representing over 75,000 MW of the world’s planned or installed capacity of HVDC transmission, including both Line Commutated Converter (LCC) and Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technologies.

With a head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a second office in Calgary, Alberta, and satellite offices at various locations throughout the world when required, Teshmont is advantageously poised to provide the best possible project execution.


In our increasingly connected society, the demand for reliable and efficient power grids continues to grow.

Well-developed power transmission and distribution systems are more and more being viewed as essential, as power grid failures at crucial points may result in power loss for millions of people.

In the face of these consequences, effective expert engineering design is no longer an option – it’s mandatory.

We are also facing a number of significant and challenging issues including aging infrastructure, systems being operated towards their upper limits of design, deregulation, and environmental concerns. Retirement of non-environmentally friendly generation such as coal is occurring, being replaced with newer renewable energy sources.

These issues are changing the transmission system landscape.

Teshmont can draw upon our 50 years of expertise to provide world-class engineering consulting services in the following areas:

  • HVDC services including everything from planning and design studies, preparation of specifications and design reviews to inspection, commissioning and project management and implementation.
  • Power system studies including feasibility, operational planning, performance, interconnection, system restoration, rating, reliability, life extension, etc.
  • Design engineering services for AC substations, transmission lines, cables, SVC and FACTs installations, protection systems, substation automation, station grounding, synchronous condensers, witnessing SATs and FATs, balance of plant services, etc.


  • Frequently provides “Owner’s Engineer” services, with the ability to implement the project so as to attain commercial operation on schedule and within budget, while meeting quality and reliability requirements
  • Has made significant contributions to published literature and committee work, including CIGRE, IEEE, and the Canadian Electrical Association
  • Employs highly-qualified personnel
  • Uses the most modern analysis programs available
  • Is not affiliated with any manufacturer, and provides unbiased solutions based on technically sound opinions
  • Uses a teamwork approach that provides client personnel with knowledge that creates self-sufficiency
  • Provides the level of assistance that best complements client capabilities
  • Respects the importance of deadlines and budgets

Teshmont strives to meet client expectations regarding quality, cost-effectiveness, timeliness and lasting value by employing a client-focused approach.


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