Barkman Concrete Ltd.
Representative: Myron Vogt

An alternative to direct burial, barkman trenching offers you a modular or one-piece concrete encasement that enables you to protect your cables or pipes from light pedestrian traffic or heavy truck traffic. Its design allows for future expansion should you require it, and the flexibility to create angled corners, tees and 90 degree corners if needed. If venting is a concern, we invite you to call us and ask us about the patent pending design United Wire has come up with for the industry. Their unique solution allows cost effective concrete to be used throughout the trench while still achieving maximum airflow where high temperatures within the trench are an issue. By not resorting to expensive steel grated lids, you reduce drastically the amount of debris and moisture allowed into the trench system and reduce the possibility of a future failure.

We offer a full supply and service package, ensuring that we are available to the designing customer and the installation crew during the complete quotation to service timeline. We have partnered with a strong engineering team with a background in structural engineering and who have a solid understanding of the codes governing load design requirements allowing us to manufacture trenches of almost any size with load requirements much greater than your average heavy equipment.

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